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1st October, 2018

The Catholic Church Synod on Young People, which starts in Rome this week, is a unique opportunity to address the damage that anti-LGBT attitudes does to children and young people according to the Equal Future 2018 global campaign. Equal Future 2018 is a coalition of LGBT groups, progressive religious and other groups from over 60 countries who are seeking to end the damage that is done when children and young people are given the sense that being LGBT would be a misfortune or a disappointment.

The Campaign Director of Equal Future, Tiernan Brady said “The Catholic Youth Synod in Rome is a once-in-a-generation moment where we can all create positive change to young peoples’ lives. Whether you are Catholic or not, an LGBT person or not, the decisions that may be taken at this Synod will be felt for years to come across the world.”

“The truth is that far too many children and young people grow up thinking that if they or someone they knew turned out to be LGBT it would be bad luck or a disappointment. Most of the damage that comes from learning such attitudes happens to children and young people long before anyone knows if they are LGBT or not.” Brady continued.

The Catholic Church’s Synod on Young People in Rome runs for three weeks from the 4th to the 25th October. The Equal Future 2018 campaign has set up an online platform at www.equalfuture2018.com where people can talk directly to their Synod delegate.

“The Synod is a critical opportunity for all of us to help influence rules and attitudes within the Catholic Church towards LGBT young people. This Synod was set up to consider the lives of children and young people across the globe and the issues and challenges that face them. It would be an incredible oversight and rebuke of young people if it does not address the damage done to children and young people by LGBT stigma.” 

“The Equal Future 2018 campaign has set up this online platform so that people can send their messages and stories directly to their country or regional delegate to the synod. Human stories are the single most powerful way to allow others to understand that the damage is real and why it needs to be addressed. Our stories are more powerful than we realise and we need to tell them to those in positions of authority” Brady concluded. 

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